They say you should write what you know.  So I think I’m gonna use a few elements from my own life to write this next book.  I like the idea of a man who had some tough times for a while but things are just starting to look up.

What if that man had just gone through a break up with a woman he cared for, nothing bad, it just didn’t work out.  But then that woman is targeted by people that want to us her soul to get them immortality.

How would the man protect her without overstepping certain boundaries due to the break up?  I think there’s some tension there worth writing about.  And that’s just the beginning, the more the man learns about souls and Heaven and Angels and Demons, the worse it gets, until he’s a part of something so big it would affect the whole world.

And it’s up to him to save it.  So that’s where we’re starting.  I think I can write some things about my own life that will be cathartic for me to write about but will give me a good set up for a realistic story beginning, before I go nuts and create a whole new fantasy world.

A friend of mine who’s interested in out of body experiences, once told me that there were no demons, but souls that have been bad on the earth plane.  In other words, while they are human, they are bad, but when they die they go to a place where they can heal and try their life again, to get it right the next time.

I like that in a way, because it would sure be great if that’s the way it was, but I’m pulling from religious writings and when they talk about demons they are fallen Angels that do terrible deeds as almost revenge against their Creator.

Now my Angel aren’t going to be all good, and my demon certainly won’t be all bad, but they each have roles to play within our lives and within their own, so I want to work a little with that ancient conflict.  I think there’s a lot of stories to be told there.

They say you shouldn’t bring Demons into your life at all, so I’m going to not read any of this out loud and call them into my life, but these are the ones I’ll be using –

Lucifer, Mammon, Asmodeus, Satan, Beelzebub, Leviathan, Belphagor, Lilith, Astorath, Belial, Ba’al & Kali.  That’s the seven deadly sins Demons and a couple others, using Lilith the Succubus and Kali who is an Indian aspect.

What’s interesting to me is that some of the Angels I chose for my story are considered Demons by Christianity.  I think that make it more interesting that some religions consider them Angel while others consider them Demons.

I think I’m going to write that when you die, your soul, if you were moderately good in life, goes to Heaven.  When your soul arrives in Heaven you have two choices.  You can either be reborn into a new human body and live life again, or you can choose to try and evolve and become an Angel.

Souls that want to evolve live in Heaven and have a life there, working and living and slowly becoming something greater than themselves.  But it’s similar to life in that you have to work and participate in the daily activities that make Heaven run properly.

There are farms, and markets, and living areas, while you also train to fight the legions of Demons that hurt both man and Angel in their constant war against each other.

There will be more to the plot than just some people trying to gain immortality through the young lady, but I choose to wait and have that revealed in the story as opposed to telling you now, here.  But the main character will have to interact with both Angels and Demons, he’ll go to Heaven and probably Hell also, and we’ll get to see all that during the story.

I think I’m going to name the main character Cormac, since I use that as my handle on social sites and I like the name.  But I need to come up with names for the Otheymm, who are the people that use Seer as a weapon.  Seer is the stuff everything is made of, the spiritual energy that is in all creation.

Haven’t figured out what kind of people they will be or where they are from or any of that yet.  I spent most of the day figuring out the two levels of Angels and their weapons, since each will be named and have a released form as well that needs a name.

I still need to write out all the different small relationships between the Angels still, and then do all of that work with the Demons.  It looks like there will be a lot of work put into the creation of all this before I can really sit down and begin writing.

But I have finished my 2nd book and I’m full on into the research for this new 3rd book.  I’m really enjoying the process and writing about it as a blog helps me keep track on my progress.

Thanks for reading.


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